Welcome to Disarm the Deep State

The first Super PAC dedicated to removing shadow government actors.

What is the Deep State? As President Eisenhower warned in his 1961 farewell address, the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. Today, most agreeentrenched bureaucrats have acquired power to effectively undermine our representative form of government. We intend to stop them.Watch his farewell address here.

Deep State actors pervert the functioning of our democratic government in several ways:

  • Deep State actors outlast duly elected representatives and face no term limits
  • Deep State actors hide behind immunity and face no consequences for bad acts
  • Deep State actors decrease transparency and increase complexity in laws and regulations
  • Deep State actors face little punishment for actively resisting duly elected public officers

Disarm the Deep State Super PAC will help grow our team of patriots to oppose Deep State actors and help elect representatives friendly to our cause. Their arrogance must be defeated. Together, lets stop a cabal of bureaucrats from working against the will of the American people. Lets fulfill the Great Awakening together!

Learn more about how you can help the Disarm the Deep State Super PAC here.

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