Issues We Care About

Ending Deep State Abuse

The Deep State is filled with immoral, detestable people who leverage their power to harm innocents and disrupt the political process. In order to curtail their ability to evade justice we are calling for policies that will strip immunity from bureaucrats.

Government Transparency

Life-long bureaucrats have untold amounts of authority to arbitrarily restrict information from the American people. To manipulate and control the narrative, documents are kept classified long past the point of being reasonable, often due to the implications they would have on individuals working for the Deep State who would be held accountable for their actions should the public become aware. We are fighting to drastically reduce the amount of time a document can remain classified and unavailable to the American people. We deserve to know who is harming innocents at home and abroad, and ensure that they face the justice system like any other criminal.Americas broken classification system serves but one interest: to keep deep state actors hidden in the shadows. Declassifying 80 to 90 percent of classified materialas experts suggest is safewouldopen up a wellspring of information for concerned citizens and bring to light misdeeds.

Term Limits

Elected officials and bureaucrats working for the multitudes of departments can remain ad-infinitum. This perpetuates abuses from the Deep State through lack of accountability. Unfortunately, statistics show that incumbent congressmen have a huge advantage over their competitors. This has lead to people like Bennie Thompson, Joe Biden, and Maxine Waters, among so many others who have been reelected for a total of 26, 36, and 29 consecutive years respectively. All of this despite serious allegations of corrupt and illegal behavior from them.

Bureaucrats have an even easier time evading accountability. It is notoriously hard within federal and state governments to fire poor performing and inept employees from their posts. These leeches do their best to ensure they waste taxpayer dollars for decades before retiring with a cushy pension. At their worst, they leverage this lack of accountability to manipulate and disrupt the political process. We propose legislation that would enforce strict term limits for bureaucrats.

Unlike the judicial branch, our founders never intended for people to spend their whole lives working for the government. Minimally, we would support a constitutional amendment so that Congressmen are ineligible for office after three terms and have to sit out of a full election cycle before becoming eligible to run again. This would help to diminish incumbent advantage and give voters more choice in the political process. For bureaucrats, we would like to switch most to a contractor position for federal merit-based positions. We would also insist on maximum number of years any one person might serve in a bureaucratic position. Rather than being rewarded for mediocrity, government workers will have to prove their mettle on a regular basis to continue working for the American people.

Establishing an Anti-Deep State Caucus

As we gain a foothold in the Congress, we would like the candidates who have joined the Great Awakening to form their own caucus. This would allow for better collaboration and an increase of political pressure to create policies that diminish the hold of the Deep State. We will show a united front to the career politicians within the two houses, and prove, through tireless efforts, that where we go one, we truly go all.

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