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2020 General Elections

The 2020 elections will be critical to begin clearing out dirty politicians. It is not just the presidency at stake, but Congressional seats too. Throughout the primaries, many dedicated patriots put themselves on the line to disrupt the work of the Deep State through their candidacy. While many we’re unable to break through the mainstream static, several were able to reach the hearts and minds of voters and secure their place in the general election. Those candidates will be listed below. Please consider supporting those candidates directly, and our PAC if you are able. Every donation helps increase our ability to create and spread information to mainstream voters that can swing elections in the favor of the good guys. If we can get our candidates elected, we put into position people with principles who can act as a buffer against the Deep State. While Anti-Deep State candidates are small for the upcoming general election,we hope in coming years that even more candidates will step up with an outwardly anti-Deep State platform and guide the country back to righteousness.


General Election Winners


Arguably one of the most corrupt states in the Union, the upcoming the general election in California gives patriots a chance fight the status quo and work to end the rampant wasteful spending and harmful inflation caused by shady politicians.

CA District 3: Tamika Hamilton(R)

Mrs. Hamilton is the Republican nominee for District 3. Come November, she will go head to head with 11 year incumbent John Garamendi (D). Mrs. Hamilton has hinted about her support of the Great Awakening on social media, with notes about following gods plan, telling proverbs, and a call to arms against the old guard. If elected, Mrs. Hamilton will work to combat the flood of illegal immigrants and fight for farmers against burdensome environmental protection policies.

Tamika’s Campaign Website Tamika’s Twitter

CA District 7: Robert Buzz Patterson(R)

Lt. Colonel Patterson is the Republican nominee in District 7. Come November, he will go head to head with incumbent Ami Bera (D). Lt. Colonel Patterson has exposed crimes of the deep state, including the Clintons, through several books from his personal experience in the white house protecting the football as the White House military aide. If elected, Lt. Colonel Patterson will continue to combat the deep state in his role as congressman. He will work to secure the U.S. border, strengthen our military, and cut back taxes while reducing government spending.

Buzz’s Campaign Website Buzz’s Twitter


CA District 36: Erin Cruz (R)

Mrs. Cruz is the Republican Nominee for District 36. Come November, she will fight Democrat incumbent Raul Ruiz.Mrs. Cruz has not been quite as vocal in her support of the Great Awakening during her campaign, but has made statements on the record acknowledging the existence of the Deep State, and her wish to combat it. Mrs. Cruz, if elected, will work to shorten the reach of big government, and restore individual rights. She supports immigration reform such as ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), lowering tax burden, and paring down the federal budget.

Erin’s Campaign Website Erin’s Twitter


While generally a state favorable to individual rights and restricted government, Texas has been battling an influx of blue state voters in recent years due to a tech boom that started around Austin, as well as illegal immigrants coming through the border. With these voters came the same bad ideas that made their home state inhospitable to opportunities. Currently Texas has been battling on a myriad of issues, including the 10-day rule, which allows physicians to remove life support against the wishes of the family. What is needed is a vocal voice in Texas against Deep State backed career politicians who will support effort to return power to American citizens.

TX District 13: Ronny Jackson(R)

Dr. Jackson is the Republican nominee for district 13. In November, he will fight against Democratic candidate Gus Trujillo as well as a Libertarian Candidate. Dr. Jackson is a retired Navy rear admiral, and has been endorsed by President Trump. Dr. Jacksons reputation and career was assaulted by deep state influence due to his relationship with the president. If elected, Dr. Jackson will support an amendment to enforce term limits for congressmen, defend life at all stages, push for stronger boarder security, and fight to protect the Second Amendment.

Ronny’s Campaign Website Ronny’s Twitter

North Carolina

North Carolina has been a swing state throughout the years. While currently run by a Democrat Governor, North Carolina has 2 Republican Senators and a supermajority of congressional districts. On average, the democrat incumbents within the state have had much longer durations than Republican Congressmen- 15 year average for Democrats vs. six and a half year average for Republicans. We support any effort to keep fresh voices in the House as an effective way to limit the efficacy of the Deep State.

NCGovernor: Dan Forest(R)

Mr. Forest is the Republican Nominee for Governor of North Carolina. Come November, he will fight incumbent Roy Cooper (D) in the general election. Mr. Forest is currently the Lt. Governor of North Carolina, and while not openly a member of WWG1WGA, he has been supportive of the Presidents efforts to diminish the efficacy of the Deep State, and has been vocal against human trafficking abuses that are perpetuated by the Deep State. If elected, he will continue to support the people of North Carolina by protecting the First Amendment, enabling job growth in his districts, and fighting back alley deals between government and businesses.

Dan’s Campaign Website Dan’s Twitter

NCLt. Governor: Mark Robinson(R)

Mr. Robinson is the Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Come November he will go head to head with the Democratic candidate chosen in the upcoming runoff. Mr. Robinson is vocal on social media about his desire to end indoctrination and and misinformation, though he does not seem to openly be part of WWG1WGA. If elected, Mr. Robinson will fight to protect life at all stages of development, advocate for an amendment that allows for congressional term limits, and protect the Second Amendment.

Mark’s Campaign Website Mark’s Twitter


Pennsylvania took a hard hit during the Obama administration. Their major industry, coal, was attacked by special interest, and jobs were decimated on a large scale. This affront swung the state back to red in 2016. Luckily the economy has been improving across the board with the Presidents ability to negotiate and advocate for the needs of American citizens. We hope to bring more legislators into Pennsylvania in 2020 who will place the needs of their constituents over their own self-interest.

PA District 17: Sean Parnell (R)

Mr. Parnell is the Republican nominee for PA’s 17th District. In November, he will go head to head with the unopposed incumbent, Conor Lamb. Mr. Parnell has shared information on social media regarding Deep State collusion, and some of his supporters have been maligned as trollbots by MSM. If Elected, Mr. Parnell will fight to protect the lives of the unborn and the unwanted, implement common-sense policy regarding the middle east, and support stronger border protection.

Sean’s Campaign Website Sean’s Twitter

May 19th Primaries (By State)


Georgia has maintained a strong and vibrant economy in recent years. However, with an influx of young and inexperienced voters, elections have had narrow victories in favor of candidates who oppose left-wing authoritarian influence. One seat with a Republican vacancy will be up for grabs in 2020, and we want to ensure a strong candidate takes up the reins and prevents another district from further deep state influence.

GA District4: Johsie Cruz (R)

is the Republican nominee for GA’s 4th District. She will face13 year incumbent Hank Johnson (D) come November. Mrs. Cruz has promised to expose the Deep State and drain the swamp if elected. If she wins, Mrs. Cruz will support immigration reform and the wall, support a Balanced Budget Amendment, and work to eliminate unjust income tax in favor of consumption-based taxation.

Johsie’s Campaign Website Johsie’s Twitter

GA District 14: Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)

Mrs. Greene is the Republican nominee for GA’s 14th District. She will face democrat candidate, Kevin Van Ausdal, in the general election. Mrs. Greene has been vocal about her support of the Great Awakening on social media. Should she win, Mrs. Greene will sponsor an amendment requiring Congress to pass balanced budgets, protect the Second Amendment, and defend life at all stages.

Marjorie’s Campaign Website Marjorie’s Twitter


Oregon is a mixed bag of ideals. While most of the state consists of sane working-class individuals, the epicenter of goofiness in Portland throws off the rest of the state and spreads bad regulation far and wide. Both Senators and four of the five current Congressmen are Democrats, and most have been in office far past their expiration date.

OR Senate: Jo Rae Perkins (R)

Mrs. Perkins is the Republican nominee for Senator of OR. She will be up against 11-year incumbent Jeff Merkley (D) as well as a Green Party Candidate. Mrs. Perkins is an avid follower of Q theory, and has be vocal in her ideas behind the movement. If victorious, Mrs. Perkins will work to protect lives at all stages of development, preserve the 2nd amendment, and be a vocal opponent of the Deep State on the senate floor.

Jo Rae’s Campaign Website Jo Rae’s Twitter

August 4th Primaries (by State)


Arizona is a mixed bag, split fairly evenly by representative from both parties. With conflicting ideals comes plentiful opportunities for corruption by politicians whose ideals change with whoever they talk to. What Arizona needs are strong candidates with unflinching core values that will help them overcome corruption.

AZ District 3: Daniel Wood (R)

Mr. Wood is the Republican nominee for district 3.Come November, he will fight Mr. Raul Grijalva (D) who has been in the house a total of 17 years in two AZ districts. Mr. Wood is an active follower of the Great Awakening, and posts often about Deep State issues on social media. If elected, Mr. Wood will support stricter immigration reforms and protect the second amendment. He is an ardent supporter of the President and calls for a strong border wall.

Daniel’s Campaign Website Daniel’s Twitter


Once a beacon of industry in the United States, Michigan is a shadow of its former self. Poverty is rampant, crime is sky high, despite a heavily Democrat-run government, public works are in disrepair, and a harm to public health. Things arent looking good for the people of Michigan. There needs to be representation that will look out for the interests of the people, and not the self-serving interest of politicians.

MI Senate: John James (R)

Mr. James is the Republican nominee for the Senate. In November, he will go head to head with the incumbent, Gary Peters (D). Mr. James is an ardent supporter of President Trump, and has been routinely been attacked by MSM as a threat to the Deep State. If elected, Mr. James will fight against Socialist-backed legislation, defend the right to life for our most defenseless, and work to create fair trade in the U.S and abroad.

John’s Campaign Website John’s Twitter

MI District 9: Charles Langworthy (R)

Mr. Langworthy is the Republican nominee for district 9. Come November, he will go up against the Democratic incumbent, Mr. Andy Levin. Mr. Langworthy is running a campaign dedicated to draining the swamp and fighting corruption caused by the Deep State. If elected, he will support an Amendment to allow for congressional term limits, prosecute and punish corrupt actors of the Deep State, and work to reimpose the gold standard in the U.S. to stop the cycle of debt.

Charles’ Campaign WebsiteCharles’ Twitter


This will be a big one! As you may know, Minnesota was the first of two states to elect into office a Muslim woman. A tenant of Islam is that you may only owe allegiance to Allah and follow strictly the rules of the Quaran. This Congresswoman has not been shy about showing her disregard for American values during her tenure, and it is imperative we throw as much resources as possible to having her voted out before she corrupts the office further!


MN District 50B: Gary Heyer (R)

Mr. Heyer is the Republican nominee for district 50B.Mr. Heyer will face off against Democrat incumbent, Mr. Andrew Carlson. Mr. Heyer is a patriot and active member of the Great Awakening movement. If elected, Mr. Heyer will work to overhaul taxes and reduce wasteful spending. He hopes to change the system to end corruption and underhanded politics that have plagued his district.

Gary’s Campaign Website Gary’s Twitter


September 15th Primaries (by State)


Delaware is stereotypically a left-wing state with occasional upswings of fiscal conservatism. While it would be a hard battle, we have a sincere possibility of getting an anti-Deep State Senator there if we push as much resources as possible to education material and persuasive ads. If we can help the voters of Delaware see the dangerous truth of the situation within our government, we will be one step closer to disarming the deep state.

DE Senate: Lauren Witzke (R)

Ms. Witzke is the Republican nominee for senate.Come November, she will go head to head with incumbent, Chris Coons (D). Ms. Witzke is an open member of WWG1WGA. If elected, Ms. Witzke will work to cut back on exorbitant foreign aid and refuse corporate lobbyists tactics. Ms. Witzke supports immigration reform, protect life at all stages of development, and preserve the Second Amendment.

Lauren’s Campaign Website Lauren’s Twitter

Our Dirty Dozen (and growing)

Candidates Who Made Our Worst of the Worst

While there are countless corrupt politicians malingering in the House and Senate, here are a few candidates we wanted to highlight as the worst of the bunch. These candidates have long outstayed their welcome. We will do our best to show the country the damage they are doing. If you have research on another candidate we should be on the offense against, send the details to [email protected].

The more resources we raise over the course of this election cycle, the more informational campaigns we can start across the country. Please consider donating what you can to help us in our fight against political corruption across the United States of America.

1. Nancy Pelosi (D): CA-12

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 33
  • Primary Date: March 3rd, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Nasty Nancys net worth is $87.9MM

2. Mitt Romney (R): UT

  • Term Ends: 2025
  • Years in Office: 1 (previously Governor of Massachusetts)
  • Primary Date: 2025
  • Not So Fun Fact: He comes from a dynasty of vagrant politicians.

3. Bennie Thompson (D): MS-2

  • Term Ends: 2021
  • Years in Office: 26
  • Primary Date: March 10th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Thompson has consistently worked to injure citizens First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression.

4.Maxine Waters (D): CA-43

  • Term Ends: 2021
  • Years in Office: 29
  • Primary Date: March 3rd, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: A classic pork-barrel career politician who seems to thrive through possible payoffs for friends and relatives by big business players, and likely secures votes with shady deals.

5.Bernie Sanders (D): VT

  • Term Ends: 2025
  • Years in Office: 13 (previously in the House since 1991)
  • Primary Date: 2025
  • Not So Fun Fact: A Socialist who owns million-dollar properties and wants to play God with everyone elses money.

6.Ilhan Omar (D): MN-5

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 1
  • Primary Date: August 11th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Hard-core Muslim who wants to ship in more refugees from extremist populations.

7.Dick Durbin (D): IL

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 23
  • Primary Date: March 17th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: His wife is a lobbyist who likely collaborated with Durbin to secure federal funds for one of her clients.

8.Rashida Tlaib (D): MI-13

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 1
  • Primary Date: August 4th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Under investigation that she paid herself illegally out of campaign contributions.

9.Susan Collins (R): ME

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 23
  • Primary Date: June 9th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Has broken her promise of only running for two terms. Is now in her fifth term of her long political career.

10.Cory Booker (D): NJ

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 6 (Previously mayor of Newark)
  • Primary Date: June 2nd, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Has a legacy as a do-nothing politician who cares more about TV appearances than helping to end the cycle of poverty and crime for his constituents.

11.Doug Jones (D): AL

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 2 (Previously DA for Alabama)
  • Primary Date: March 3rd, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: A Clinton lackey who leveraged the Roy Moore scandal to worm his way in to the Alabama senate.

12.Mark Warner (D): VA

  • Term ends: 2021
  • Years in office: 11 (Previously Governor of Virginia)
  • Primary Date: June 9th, 2020
  • Not So Fun Fact: Top Democrat in Senate Intelligence Committee who collaborated with Russian lobbyists to try and get dirt on President Trump.

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