About Us

Mission Statement

To mobilize a community of patriots in order to remove power from Deep State members. To do so, we need to take the movement offline and out of the shadows. We will support candidates, legislators, and legislation that that returns power to American citizens and inhibits bureaucratic bad actors. We will combine resources with community members to educate citizens across the country about the dangers of the Deep State, produce effective campaigns against politicians in the pockets of the Deep State, and support candidates and legislators that will work with us to end the Deep State.


  • Government Transparency
  • Limiting bureaucratic manipulation
  • Legislators who empower constituents and reject Deep State control
  • Policies that reflect the true interests of the American people
  • Ending abuses performed by Deep State actors

Who We Are:

We are patriots like you. Located across the nation, we collaborated with Jim to think of ways to bring our growing movement of disillusioned individuals into the limelight. For too long people who have become aware and criticize the Deep State have been maligned by the mainstream media. Despite the false reports, we are neither extremists, nor psychotics, nor terrorists, nor conspiracy theorists. We are mothers, fathers, veterans, church-goers, and hard workers. We are patriots. We are among the growing few that have followed the trail of evidence and can no longer turn a blind eye to Deep State abuses. After much discussion, we realized the only way to beat them is to take control of their own game. Therefore, we pooled resources, talents, and time to begin the first Super PAC dedicated to ending the Deep State. Rather than being funded by corporations or political parties, we will be funded by the people. We ask that you join our fight and begin disarming the Deep State today.

Learn More:

Please visit our Get Involved page to learn more about how you can get involved and support Disarm the Deep State Super PAC.

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