How You Can Get Involved

For the past several years, our movement has remained largely in the shadows. We inhabit image boards, spread memes, and try to breakthrough the statistics spread by mainstream media opposition. Unfortunately, they have offered forth an image of extremists that does not reflect reality.

By joining with Disarm the Deep State, you help crowdsource funding to educate a mainstream audience about the dangers of the Deep State. You will also be contributing to the development of intellectual ammunition to defeat Deep State operatives. We are working to develop a series of white papers to outline the current climate of corruption within the federal government. After the next election cycle, if successful, we will have more legislators on our side and can influence and help write proposed legislation to limit the power of Deep State bad actors.

With your help, we will have the resources to place meaningful pressure on closely contested races. We aim to keep our thumb on the scale of swing districts and states across the nation. We will consolidate resources to attack candidates who further the influence of the Deep State, and work to support good people who reject the Deep State narrative. Every contribution, large or small, enables us to produce advertising campaigns for more races and buy up precious ad space that would otherwise go to candidates that perpetuate the status quo. Please donate today and work with us to put an end to the Deep State.

Please visit our Projects page to learn more about important ways you can support Disarm the Deep State Super PAC.

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